The Marini Farm Story

Farming For Three Generations

In 1928, four families who were all 'related' emigrated from Italy to the United States. Joseph Marini, Tony Iorie, Peter Iorie, and Jerry Angelina would come to settle in Ipswich, MA and buy the land that would become Marini Farm.

The families lived together and worked the farm until 1938. After many years of kitchen arguments over pots, pans, and pasta it was decided that four Italian women cooking in the same kitchen was not working. The families had outgrown the farm and it was time move on. The Angelinas and the Iorie families moved from the original farm to buy land in Wenham, MA. The Iorie family would eventually move again and purchase a farm in Florida. All of them would continue the family tradition and cultivate the land in Ipswich, Wenham, and Florida. In 1978, once the Ipswich estate was settled, the Marini family became the sole owners of the property. Today, all three family farms are still in production.

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