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Marini Farm has been growing fresh food for our community since 1928. We are currently the largest vegetable grower in the North Shore, growing over 100 acres of sweet corn as well as 100 acres of mixed vegetables. We grow on our own property as well as lease land from private landowners, the town of Ipswich, and the state of Mass.  Food safety and land conservation is at the highest priority of our operation.

We do not grow genetically modified crops therefore the use of round up is not needed in our growing practice.  Land is a vital resource for our vegetable operation, and its care and conservation are our number one priority.

Marini Farmstand
Marini Farms

We were one of the first farms in the country to adopt the Integrated pest management program (IPM) as a growing practice.  Through our IMP program we use many sustainable growing strategies, we use the least amount of pesticides possible and use many alternative and organic techniques.  For example, we plant our crops on biodegradable plastic, this reduces the need for herbicides, warms the soil for faster growth as well as keeping the crop clean. We use drip irrigation for our irrigation, this practice maximizes water conservation, reduced disease and transfers water directly to the roots were the plants needs it most. Composting is another important IPM strategy we use on our land. All our fields are monitored weekly by a professional (IPM) scouts.


As the third generation operating Marini Farm it is my goal to keep our farm growing for many years into the future.  We raise our three small children on our farm’s food so food safety is near and dear to our hearts.  It is our commitment to continue to grow the safest, freshest food possible.

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